Civic Internship


The program will serve as a pipeline to connect Northwestern Illinois businesses with highly involved, community-focused professionals with a proclivity for a critical thinking and problem-solving.


The lack of community and civic engagement is leading to the further disenfranchisement of our youth prompting them to seek educational and career opportunities away from Northwestern Illinois. In the pursuit of expanding the opportunities available and deepening our community ties through active encouragement, tenacious educational goals, and a rigorous workload, Representative Brian Stewart is offering up to five (5) paid internships through the campaign season as he seeks the Republican nomination for State Senate in the 45th District.


Stewart interns will engage communities across Northwestern Illinois- small and large from East Dubuque to Harding– by researching issues facing municipal and state government, communicating with business, nonprofit, and civic leaders, and taking an active role in promoting a community development project of their choosing. Stewart interns will balance the classroom with the boardroom, and have to immediately convert concepts and theories into practical experience. They will explore the interrelationship of units of government by working with various agencies at all levels and have to determine the appropriate balance of politics versus public service. Each intern will work through phases of the internship consisting of the following: civic engagement, politics and elections, political parties and special interest groups, and local and state government. There will be additional reading, writing, and preparatory work completed outside of the internship hours.

Additional Requirements and Information:

Submit Resume, cover letter, and completed application

  • Interns can apply immediately; acceptance is considered on a rolling basis
  • Flexible Hours, few required dates
  • Preferred age 16-26; candidates of all ages will be considered
  • Transportation to office located at Stewart Centre in Freeport, Illinois
  • 100 hours of field work and office responsibilities combined
  • Additional Reading, writing, and preparatory work will be required above 100 hours

While past academic performance is an integral component of our selection process, top candidates will demonstrate a well-rounded approach to work, academic, sporting, religious, and other life engagements and accomplishments. Rather than ask for your GPA, we prefer you sign a release for your attendance records. No prior experience is necessary.

Print the application here.